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Thursday, January 7, 2010

In your Face Little Willie

Here is a letter I wrote to a old friend. Or should I say a EXFRIEND.

He thought he was so smart . But he was so dumd. He stole from his friends and family and from his job. When he did have a job.

He would say, I am gonig to make a million dollars . Well , How close are you ?

I tried a few times to reach out and forgive him and his brother . However , they thought they was better than me.

Now, who is laughing. I am, straight to the bank.

This is WAR !!!!! Boys if you cannot fight to earn a Million . Than stay at home eat your Ding Dongs.

I am in this Fight too Win !!!!

Are you investing Bill ?

I have have been buying stocks for the last year . I opened up a Money Market acct. And today I opened up a CD acct.
By the end of 2009 , I made enough money for a down payment on a house. Which I signed on second week of Nov.

I made $10,000 profit , for 2009. From my investments.

In 2010 , I am working to turn that 10,000 into 25,000 or better. You , might not believe me or not.
However it is real it is damn real. If you care or not I am going to tell you , just how I did it. One of the first stocks I bought in 2009 was Marvel . About 4 mths before Disney , bought Mavel. Well that was a good little pay day for me.

But I didnot stop there . I have been buying Criket ( LEAP ) Verizon, Sprint, Disney, Apple,Waters, Wal-Mart,Target,Google,Royal Curibean,MGM,Reagal Threater, POLO, GAP, WWE, and much more.

Yes, I am still working . I have too . Until I can clear a Million !!!!!!

Back to the point are Investing ? Do you need any tips ?

If you do here is my website for my Investing

How do you Like the Name ? Lunsford Investments hmmm straight to the point , don't you think ?

Or maybe you want to watch some Tv and Movies ? Here is a great a new site for that too .


It is a great site. Or maybe you want to see some HOTT WOMEN !!!!!!! Here is a great site for that too !!!!!!


Go ahead chrck it out for. And I almost forgot about http://lunsfordmd.blogspot.com/ for World News.

And http://lunsfordmoney.blogspot.com/ for Business News. Lummpy's Sports World.

But I hope you are Investing your money into something. After all I do not want to be the only future Millionaire. After all it is WAR . To make a Millon Dollars.

Well have a good day . LoL


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